My 15yo has a tumor

This is his second lip tumor, on the opposite side from where the first one was. At 15 he is not a good candidate for heroic measures, if it turns out to be cancer and not just proud flesh. Having just lost another dog to cancer, I’m having a hard time being optimistic.

Whiskey square

I’m hoping for the best, but even then, at 15, one morning Whiskey won’t wake up. Kipling had the right of it.

Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware. Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

I wouldn’t have changed it, anyway.


It’s hot.

I love my dogs. I presume everyone who has pets loves them. The temperature is going up in the northern hemisphere, and that means that parked cars can become ovens.

Here are a couple links:
And here’s a graphic from that last link:

Don’t leave your pets or your kids in a closed car, even if you are just running in the store for a couple minutes. Delays happen and cars heat fast.